Wushu Stockholm IF at the International Wushu Coaches Training Course, part 4

Here it is late on Thursday night, and as anything has an end, I am now done with the International Wushu Coaches Training Course.

This morning I passed the examination :). It was quite easy actually and not as they told us from the beginning. We had to show a half form of one bare-hand and weapon routine. I chose ChangQuan the two first parts, and GunShu also the two first parts.

review exam reviewing 2 reviewing

Like at a competition, there was a startlist and my number was 30. We had our 2nd training room to warm up and the other for performing in the same time than another person.

When I started the ChangQuan routine, my brain didn’t remember the routine, but the repetitions that I did a little bit everywhere helped med because my body could do it by itself. I asked somebody to record my performance but of course the camera shut down just when I started and he just recorded the end when I’m saluting… The GunShu performance went also ok, I took it easy, without rushing in order to avoid any mistakes in the techniques.
Anyway, the exam was kind of a formality to show that you have at least learned something I think…

exam malaysia hkg exam poland phi rom saluting

The afternoon we looked at a wushu class with the SiChuan WuShu Team. It was great to see people that I usually only see on youtube, perform live.
ZhuLeiMing, with his combination of double 720, and LiFuKui with his crazy power in NanQuan was entertaining and there was also other really good athletes! I was a little bit disappointed that they didn’t show some basic combinations in line. 😉

sichuan team 1 sichuan team 2 sichuan team 3

For the dinner we had the closing ceremony where we got our diploms for the course and listened to some speech of the chinese wushu association’s and the international wushu federation’s representants.

french canadian lebanon the jury he is ok!

Now It’s over 2 o’clock am and i’m eventualy free to do what I want tomorrow. I think i’m going to see the pandas and see what I can buy next to ChengDu sports university. 😉

Good night!

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