Wushu Stockholm IF at the International Wushu Coaches Training Course, part 1

Hmm, yes, as you maybe know, I’m in ChengDu China for attending the international wushu coaches training course. I will be there until next sunday and with a bit of chance I would be able to stay one day longer for watching the World Taijiquan classic competition they will have there during the week-end (22-23 of june). Today, not so many wushu-things happened but I can always tell you what I did anyway:

Yesterday night, I went to a place called on the map ”College ChengDu Sport” a big stadium with, in the evening, lots of people doing different kind of physical activities from walking around the stadium in circle (counterclockwise!) to playing different games: basketball, badminton, group dancing, tennis, … a lot of people practicing. But no wushu or wushu shops there which you will understand were the reason I first came there. But it’s nice to walk, and also because I walked towards the wrong direction I walked for hours… And i get remembered that in China, the distance on the map are kind of longer than on our swedish maps… 😉

Then, I slept good for once. Really long. It’s rare that I can do that in Sweden cuz i don’t usually have the time between my dog Ruffe who wants to take a pee and me who needs to go at work/study (and me who go to sleep far too late).

Otherwise, this morning, I walked around ChengDu’s downtown. What can I say about that? I went to TianFu square, and find a nice and big place with comrade Mao greeting, quite similar actually to BeiJing’s TianAnMen square without the forbidden city behind Mao.

mao chengdutianfu squarechengdu downtown

I then registered myself at the hotel for the wushu coaches course which is starting tomorrow. It took quite a long time, there were several people for taking care of the registration but it was kind of they were one person divided by the number of those several people…

stoopforstar hotel intwushucourse

Then, of course, it was not possible to pay with my credit card for the stay at the hotel so i spent several hours for trying to withdraw dollars (cuz they wanted dollars for the hotel and not yuans don’t ask me why……) in different banks. At the end i couldn’t withdraw the sum I wanted, so I came back with what I got from the bank and it was just enough for staying at the hotel with another person in my room, instead of being all by myself. It’s actually better like that if I’m not paying attention to the fact that my room mate snores!

I ate dinner with people from Ukraina and Poland with amongst others the great nanquan ”big arms-shoulders” practitioner Andrey Koval (take a look on youtube). Weng XiaoLing is also there with the Hong-kong team and it’s going to be a pleasure to train with all those really wushu-skilled athletes!

Now I’m going to bed because the course (though just teory for tomorrow) is starting tomorrow morning at 8.30 with an opening ceremony and I don’t want to miss the breakfast! 😉

See you soon for more chinese adventures!
Good night!